Yarn Cupboard Retreat – April 25th – 27th, 2014

Very few of you know this, but when I was in college I trained to be an elementary school teacher! I have often said that this was the most useful experience of my career. I did not, however, expect to be standing in front of a group of students again, but come April 25 – 27th, I will be teaching 3 classes as part of the Yarn Cupboard’s Fiber Arts Retreat.

The retreat is held at Christ the King Retreat and Conference Center in Syracuse, New York. You can come for the entire retreat, part of the retreat or just come for some or all of the classes.

On Saturday, April 26th I will be teaching Knitting a Successful Sweater, a class designed to help you make the most of a written pattern covering topics including how to chose which size to knit, picking an appropriate yarn for what you want to accomplish, working gauge (yes, this means knitting a swatch) and really using all of the directions provided. We will be using one of my patterns, prosecco, as an example for the class.

In the afternoon on April 26th I will be teaching Becoming a knit-wear designer (It’s a lot more than knitting) or Things I wish I knew BEFORE I published my first pattern. The class will ponder some topics which I hadn’t really thought a lot about before I embarked on my knitwear design career, but certainly have since and continue to virtually every day:

  • What is my product – a design, a pattern, a technique or skill?
  • Who do I want sell to – a magazine, a yarn company, a knitter?
  • How do I want to present my product – layout, photo shoots, graphic design, website?
  • What price should I charge (can I make money doing this and what are the costs) – per pattern, per design, per sample, per class?
  • Where and how will my product be promoted/ distributed – on line, hard copy
  • What are the few things I need to have in place to be successful – style sheet, sloper, tech editor, test knitters?
  • What does all of this mean for how I will set up my business and spend my days?

On April 27th the last class will be Knitting for Baby featuring my collection of baby sweaters VERSACIKNITS textured baby suite, where we will examine how variations in texture, sweater type and collar treatment can transform a basic baby sweater into a fabulous little knit.

In addition, there are many other great teachers coming, including (teachers bios here):

  • Maggie Jackson of Maggiknits, Laura Nelkin of Nelkin Designs,
  • Jill Draper of Jill Draper Makes Stuff yarns,
  • Sandi Wiseheart,
  • Kate Gagnon Osborn & Courtney Kelley of Kelbourne Woolens distributors of Fibre Company Yarns,
  • Lisa Merian of Spinner’s Hill,
  • Beth Coye and Emily Giraudin of Yarn Cupboard,
  • Jennifer VanValcar of Holiday Yarns and
  • Marcela Hanford.

You can contact Yarn Cupboard  at (315) 399-5148  or email retreat@yarncupboard.com for more information or to make a reservation. And you can email me at lori@VERSACIKNITS.com, if you have questions about my classes.

Hope to see you there!



Back in the Saddle

March 5, 2014

It has been many months since I wrote a post. Life, or more specifically the health of my mother, took me off track and whatever time I did have to work was, by necessity, devoted to design and production. Happily my mother has made a full recovery and I am back to as normal a schedule as any of us have.

While gone, three new VERSACIKNITS designs were launched: a fun tunic, a classic cardigan sweater and a cozy cowl. Here they are:

modern tunic

Paris redux


Claire’s cowl


All three of these designs can be found on the VERSACIKNITS ravelry page (along with two new designs from SHIBUI — more to come about those). It is so nice to be back!


My Rhinebeck sweater (or Weekender and Yowza! Whatta skein!)

October 8, 2013

At heart I am a New England girl! Although I have lived most of my life in Princeton, NJ (which I must say is as close to a New England feel as you can get in NJ), my early roots were in Rhode Island. I couldn’t help being influenced by guernsey and cable knit sweaters, […]

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Anatomy of a photo shoot

September 30, 2013

A crisp September day, a beautiful model, a fantastic photographer, a sherpa, an assistant, a dressing room, a wardrobe, and a cool location!

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Interview with Knit Purl: Designing the SHIBUI Form Collection

September 24, 2013

One  year ago this week I received a note from the Director of SHIBUI, Kristin Ford, asking me to design their Winter 2013/14 Collection. In preparation for its launch, Knit Purl asked me to talk about my experiences as a knitwear design and the creation of the FORM Collection. Here is the link to the […]

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FORM — 6 designs for SHIBUI

September 5, 2013

There was a time when you pretty much knew where you would be when you received news about big events… … College acceptances arrived via snail mail, so you would be home in the comfort of your own home when you got the news… … Job offers were made over the phone at your home […]

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A modern take on a Japanese tradition

August 3, 2013

I met Yuki on my first day of work on Wall Street back in 1979. By just looking at her, you knew she was unusual. Born of a Japanese mother and African American father and raised in the Quaker tradition, Yuki was, on the one hand, steeped in diverse heritages and, on the other, embarking […]

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Fibre Company Yarn Give-away and Interview

August 2, 2013

The lovely ladies from Kelbourne Woolens (that’s Kate below wearing lite while we set up for TNNA) featured VERSACIKNITS newest sweater, lite, and an interview with me on their blog today. We are so excited that we are giving away 3 skeins of the exquisite Fibre Company, Meadow, on the VERSACIKNITS Facebook page. Read the article here… … then”Like” VERSACIKNITS page, […]

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A confluence of events conspired to create lite!

July 26, 2013

con·flu·ence noun \ˈkän-ˌflü-ən(t)s, kən-ˈ\ 1: a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point 2: the flowing together of two or more streams The event… The TNNA meeting in June is the largest needle arts trade show of the year. It is an opportunity for local yarn stores, designers and other participants in […]

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Relaxed elegance

April 10, 2013

Chasing the ever elusive oversized, yet wearable sweater? You can stop looking; SUIT fits the bill. Combining the comfort of an oversized sweater with the luxuriant drape of baby alpaca, with clean lines and modern details, SUIT will be your go-to sweater every day! SUIT is the perfect opportunity to show off one of your […]

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