Finally… writing them up… sneak peek!!!

January 20, 2012

The last few weeks I have been busy finishing up a new knit — lobster… just a very little sneak peek of what it looked like while it was still on the needles…

And I have been writing up some older designs that I just never wrote up… like these…

And, I have been doing a lot of  “nuts and bolts” work, like the new section here on my website called “VERSACIKNITS Patterns” (still a ways to go, but my friend, Kathie, has been helping me think about what makes a VERSACIKNITS a VERSACIKNITS, writing up individual descriptions, helping with layout and just all around keeping me moving forward)!

And, selling the rest of the SCF 10-ply cashmere. Just a few skeins left, so get them while you can here! Remember to use coupon code LATTICEWORK at checkout.

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