My Summer of Socks: Introducing Op-Socks!

October 5, 2017

It has been many years since I knit a pair of socks! Actually, nearly a decade! Yet back in June I found myself in Shetland on one of Gudrun Johnstone and Mary Jane Mucklestone‘s Grand Shetland Adventures (you really should go on one) and realized that the most important thing that I didn’t have with me was a really good pair of wool socks! I coveted the beautiful hand knit Kanoko Socks that Mary Jane kept wearing and I swear that Andrea Rangel and Malia Mather (Stephen and Penelope) had on a different hand-knit pair every day!!! And I love socks! I have a great collection that includes Marimekko, Catherine Andes and many others. …  So why don’t I knit socks?????

On the flight home, it all came together: my Op-art Cowls motifs would make fantastic socks!!!

VERSACIKNITS Op-Socks 9-26-17 cover

Since I hadn’t knit socks in so long, I had to spend a good deal of time re-learning how to knit them. I explored methods (cuff-down, toe-up), heel types, needles and even tried out my knitting belt! I learned how to do afterthought heels and tubular cast-ons and even learned about what yarns are not well suited to socks (like the Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift that I knit my first pair in shown below, which I still  love because they remind me of Shetland and they are squishy and warm, but unfortunately will not wear well)! And then I set out to reinvent the Op-Art Cowls into Op-Socks….


In the end, I decided to knit the 4 different Op-Sock motifs in a different color combination of YOTH Little Brother yarn [80% Superwash Merino Wool, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon; 435 yds/100g per skein]. I happened to pick up a set of Little Brother “Puppies” at Stitches West last February and each pair uses 2 of the 1/2 skeins. Shown below, from left: Cuboid in Concord Grape and Star Fruit; Conic in Portobello and Shiitake; Spiral in Thyme and Mandarin and Superellipse in Portobello and Mango.


The patterns are available as individual downloads or as a collection. The collection includes all 4 motifs and is priced 40% below the cost of the individual patterns.

Head over to ravelry to see more photos and learn more about Op-Socks and heart and queue or buy the ones you like best or the collection!!!

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